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ALM Table Top Gas Cooker

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Elevate your cooking experience with the ALM Gas Tabletop Cooker! This sleek and powerful appliance delivers precise heat control and versatile functionality, perfect for both seasoned chefs and home cooks alike. Experience the joy of cooking with gas on this modern marvel, designed to complement your kitchen and unleash your culinary creativity.

  • Nox 430 Body Color: The Stylish And Durable Nox 430 Body Adds A Touch Of Elegance To Your Kitchen While Ensuring Long-Lasting Performance.
  • Lpg G30 30Mbar Gas Type: Enjoy Reliable And Efficient Cooking With This Compatible Gas Type, Delivering Consistent Heat For All Your Cooking Needs
  • Precise Flame Control: Adjustable Burners Allow You To Fine-Tune Heat Levels For Simmering Delicate Sauces, Searing Steaks, Or Boiling Water Rapidly.
  • 4 Burners: Craft Multi-Course Meals With Ease With Multiple Burners
  • Sleek & Modern Design
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